What is AdviceLine?

AdviceLine provides EMA members with professional advice and training to succeed in many aspects of business.
Find out more of what we have to offer you.

  • Our team is here for youThe EMA AdviceLine team is one of the largest employment relations teams in the country and fields over 35,000 queries each year. 84 per cent of members who have used the service rate it as very good or excellent.
  • Protect your businessOur team of well-trained employer advisors have a mixture of legal and business backgrounds, so they understand your issues and can direct you to the right legal requirements and best practice to protect yourself and your company when managing tricky ER issues.
  • Opening hoursIf you have a question, you can be on the phone with one of our advisors in less than 15 seconds. Give us a call on 0800 300 362 between 8am-8pm Mon-Thu and 8am-6pm Fri.